2023-01-26 - 11:51 a.m.

I had the last three days off and, aside from spending Monday in Kalamazoo and going to the spine doctor dude yesterday, I have absolutely no idea what I did with my time. I know there was a lot of decompression and sleeping. But, damn, that's a lot of hours to have just wasted. I didn't even wash dishes. Or watch a movie or read or anything. I did play in the snow yesterday and went for a couple short walks but that's it. I hardly did anything. And I'm fighting with myself at the current moment to not put my shift tonight up for the taking so I can spend another quiet day at home. I close tonight and have to be back for a double at 10 on Friday and then 3- close on Saturday and back at 9 am Sunday for my dreaded brunch shift. I hate those f'ng brunch shifts but they also pretty cool. So I keep picking them up.

Anyway, the spine doctor was HOT and I kind of wish my back was more fucked to than it is so that I could keep going back to see him. But, alas, my back is going to heal on its own and I'll probably never have to go back to see him ever again. Which is probably a good thing. I was making inadvertent lascivious comments to the poor man and then embarrassing myself and turning bright red. I'm a shameless harlot. He was pressing on my chest and back and he asked if I had any pain with that and I said, "no, sir, it actually feels really, really good and now I wish you were giving me a massage." Yes, I said that. Out loud. Good lord. So, the deal with my back is that I just wait it out. We know from the billion tests I've had done that I'm super healthy and this fractured spine is most likely just the result of injury not anything like cancer or low bone density or anything like that. So hopefully by mid summer I'll be all back to normal.

I am still madly in love.

The cats are wonderful. That is all.


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