2022-10-01 - 3:21 p.m.

I had a massage today. I'm trying to get one once a week because 1. I have so many rolled over credits from the past couple years that I need to use so I can cancel this damn membership. And 2. My back is all sorts of f'd right now. Since the hospital. It's almost unbearable still and that's with it being probably 50% better than it was a month ago. I'm trying to get to the gym on a regular basis again and get my core back to where it should be (haha, that should be the story of my life) but all abdominal work is excruciating. Walking is good, though. I can't sit down or lay down without being in pain but I can stand and I can walk with no problem. I just move a little slower than usual not because I can't be my usual speed walker self but because I have to pay absolute attention to the movements my body makes. If I twist one little wrong way I set this healing crap behind. Sigh. Anyway.

I'm laying low this weekend. I mean, I'm usually laying low if I'm not at work but I'm being especially adamant with my declinations of invitations this weekend. It's likely my last period of time with multiple days off in a row for a while and I just want to be quiet and do whatever I feel like doing. Even if that means I'm washing all the linens and towels in a closet I long ago forgot about and making spinach pie that I won't eat. I should have been on a plane to Texas during these four days off. And don't think I didn't think about it. It's getting to a point now that it's time to seriously set up a plan for how and when and where this love of mine and I are going to meet in person, isn't it? Yes.

While I was driving to my massage today, I was looking at the contrails in the sky while I was one after another total stop in the road because of this stupid Novi construction. I've been obsessed with contrails since nine eleven. During the course of days when all planes on the planet were grounded, scientists scrambled to gather as much environmental information as they could about a sky with no air traffic, no contrails. They had been preparing for this anomaly probably their entire careers. It was a once in a lifetime chance to get that data and they were ready. I have always been fascinated with the data they came up with and just absolutely amazed at how quickly they were able to jump into action. I want to be ready for a once in a lifetime. I just hope it doesn't come on the heels of destruction and sadness.

Anyway. Kitties are great. Navin has been on a killing spree and not coming home until late and he's driving me crazy. When Ado is out late I don't worry because he'll come to my window. But Navin just sits in front of the sliding door waiting for me to open it. Which requires me to get out of bed a billion times to check for him. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can get my cameras hooked back up. I got rid of my internet this past summer, not thinking that I needed it for the cameras. I want to get their cheapest plan but I had to wait a certain amount of time after canceling to qualify for any special rates. And that time is up on the 15th. It will be nice to obsessively watch my cats again.


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