2022-09-28 - 9:07 p.m.

The last week has been chilly and drizzly and gray. But I needed that quiet chill after that scorch fest of humidity we went through. I still have an under boob rash from sweating 24 hours a day for a couple weeks. God I hate heat. I got all the kitties heating pads out and put my heating blanket on my bed and I just came downstairs to get into bed, a king sized bed, and there isn't one space for me to squeeze in. So I'm currently sitting on the cat stairs hoping that Daisy gets up because she's in the prime spot that would allow to fit my body in even though I'll have to contort around Lou, Beep, Coco, Navin and Demasiado.

I'm loving my new job. I officially end training on Friday after I take my final test. Next week I'll be scheduled a full schedule. Obviously every single place on the planet is going to have its issues, this restaurant is one of them. But overall, it's a pretty great place to be. I'm realizing just how abused we were at the previous place I worked. And I just can't get over how big this restaurant is! I can breathe! I get very incredulous over how roomy the bar is. My last bar would barely fit one person behind it.

I'm still madly in love.

Cats have moved. I'm going in.


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