2014-11-21 - 1:33 a.m.

Crazy holiday-ness in the restaurant business feels like it is starting early. Tonight was kind of holiday crazy. Not super busy necessarily but people were sticking around late, drinking more than usual. It's going to be a long couple months. I am totally done with the restaurant world, I really hope that at this time next year I am not there. Or (because I make way too much money right now to just walk away from it considering how many mouths I have to feed and the amount of hours I actually work and the freedom I have to not work when I can't work) I hope I am at least working towards a get out point by this time next year. This sounds crazy, but, back in the nineties when stock trading was becoming a thing, I used to pick some huge winners for my old boss. He made quite a bit of money from my picks. I didn't randomly pick things, I read science magazines back then, I would pick stocks based on little things I read. I'm thinking that I could start small now, gather together five hundred bucks that I'm not attached to (gasp, that will be hard to find but really if I pick up an extra shift for two weeks, I'll have it) and just start buying some stocks. My stupid neighbor kind of makes a living this way. And he's an idiot. (I'm still mad at him for a raccoon incident a few years ago, I'm allowed to call him an idiot.)

Cats are fine. We have a lot of them. I got home tonight and there was an orange and white cat sitting on the porch, seemingly waiting for me. He kind of jumped into the bushes when I got out of my car and I called for him never thinking he would run right up to me. So. I showed him the garage and warmed up some chicken and stock for him. Fuck.

Whismas is just nine days away, four work shifts. I cannot wait. I managed to get myself scheduled for the day shift on Saturday the 29th so that I have an extra night of my vacation. I'm planning to get off work that day at around 4:30, have a glass of Sauternes and then go for a massage. I have a massage membership at a place in Novi, it's pretty cheap, fifty buck a month for a massage. But I've been hoarding my massages and so I have four credits (four hours of massage). I'm planning to use them all during Whismas. Sunday I am planning to go to Kalamazoo to visit with my long lost sister and probably my long lost uncle and grandmother too. And of course, my mother and brother. Tuesday I will clean all day so that my birthday day can be clear and peaceful. I shall lie in bed all day and read. (I have five books by my bed already in preparation for the event.) Then, the rest of the week I will just do whatever. I would like to spend some time in Ann Arbor, I miss being there.


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