2014-11-24 - 10:14 p.m.

Holy shit you guys...I somehow got signed up for some dating site when I did one of those stupid facebook quizzes. Holy shit. That was terrifying.

It's been a pretty good couple of weeks. The cats have been well and healthy-ish (some minor sniffles from Toby and the kitten had a puking episode but it's all fine) and I've been getting a lot done and my new happy light has been giving me lots of energy and it's been great. Work sucks but that's fine, I've been making great money and it's nice, for once, to not feel so desperately poor. I barely cringe anymore when buying organic produce. Even when I see that an organic cucumber is $2 more than a non organic cucumber.

It's shaping up to be a pretty nice week. Wednesday will be awful. We'll be busy at work and all the customers will be whiny fuckasses because they are stressed about Thanksgiving and it will be totally annoying and stressful but I am super excited about Thanksgiving. I am making cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then I am making a small, quick Thanksgiving dinner right after that which we can just eat all day long. And hopefully it will all be disappeared by Friday because I need to get back to vegan. Even eating a tablespoon of butter leaves me feeling desperately guilty and awful these days. Next year I will make a vegan Thanksgiving but I am not ready for that yet, I need butter on my mashed potatoes. And cream in my scalloped fennel.

Anyway. Then I work on Friday and Saturday which will be better. People will be less stressed and strung out. Then I am off for ten days for Whismas!!!! I'm going to Constantine on Sunday to have dinner with my grandmother and then hopefully I will go to Kzoo to see my long lost sister. I am still not committing to either of these events because my cat, Crash, is acting a little weird. He's the one who started having seizures a few weeks ago. The seizures have stopped once we got him on medicine but now he's acting really weird. He threw up a couple times today and now he's just sluggish. I'm hoping he just has what the the kitten had. But just in case, I'm not making any concrete plans with anyone. We really don't know WHY he started having seizures out of nowhere. All his blood work and an ultra sound came back normal but still, there must be something wrong with him. He's seventeen, seventeen year old cats don't just start having seizures.

In other news...I have an opossum living in a heated box on my front porch. It's like a dream come true.


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