2014-05-06 - 1:37 a.m.

Today we got our septic tank cleaned. It is always a very traumatic experience for me. It's just way too gross. Way too gross. Then, I had to take Oscar to the vet because he let out an earthshaking yowl while in the litter box. As it would turn out, he had very impacted anal glands which had to be completely flushed out and cleaned with an antibiotic solution. It's been a very shit clearing day around here. I am properly disgusted.

I failed to get to Kalamazoo today as planned. I am so overwhelmed by things to do. I tried really hard to be prepared yesterday. I bought magazines for my hotel room, filled the car with gas, had my Cds ready to go...but in the end I just couldn't pull it off. (which turned out to be a good choice due to the Oscar to the vet thing) I will try again next week. I will start to get my shit together TOMORROW so that by next Sunday I won't be in a state of panic about leaving for a day. I might also ask for an extra day off work. The weather is nice now, the cats need to be outside more.

Speaking of cats. That Rudy cat. Oh. Shit. This is a situation. I am not ready to deal with it yet. He has leukemia and he's just in bad shape otherwise too. This is what happens to cats when they live in the wild. I need to find out WHO in this area has the cats that they are not fixing. There has to be somebody. We've been here a long time now and for the first five years we had one cat show up. In the last year we've had FOUR. Anyway...Rudy is fine for now. But he can't ever come out of that room. Even though my cats are vaccinated against leukemia it's still not a chance I am willing to take. And, there are some issues with Rudy's health right now that I have no idea what to do about. I think he needs to go back to the vet but then again...the stress of all of that is probably why he appears to be sick right now. So what do I do? I will call the vet tomorrow and talk about this.

Eric is getting an official offer from that company on the good side of the state on Wednesday. I know that my very basic self wants it to be a good offer so that we can move back there. But that would probably be a really dumb move. I hate moving. I would really like the next time I move to be for good. Like, really, FOR GOOD. Like, I will live in the next house I own for the next fifty some years. If we moved to the other side of the state now it is likely that we would end up back over here on the shit side of the state at some point in the next decade or so since this is where most of the jobs are for my husband's profession. It is highly unlikely that he would retire from the company that is making him the offer. So. Anyway. Ugh. I'll be glad when the offer is on the table. I hate this uncertainty.


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