2014-04-30 - 2:03 a.m.

I'm really good about food. I mean, I feed myself well. I almost always start my day with a plan for food. But sometimes, you know, I lose a bit of motivation. In the past, when I had a low food motivation day, I would subsist on cheese and butter and bread. Today I had a low food motivation day and I ended up having eating a red pepper and a can of garbanzo beans for dinner. MUCH BETTER. This vegan thing makes me a better person without even trying! The other night I made zucchini "pasta" with tomato sauce and black lentils. I thought for sure it would need butter because real noodles? So I put a smidge, the littlest smidge I could, of butter on my spoon and tried it and I actually liked the olive oil better on it. I'm almost totally converted. (I did make cookies for the neighbors...shortbread cookies with a pecan/caramel topping...and I almost had a breakdown just from the smell of the butter but I got all the cookies out of the house fast.)

I should be sleeping. I have a vet appointment before my normal wake up time tomorrow. I'm taking three cats for shots. This will be what I am doing every Wednesday morning for a while. Cats to the vet. Cats to the vet. I might get really aggressive tomorrow about them letting/teaching me to do the vaccinations at home. I've asked before if it was an OK idea but I was talked out of it. I feel like it's something I might need to really do. It's not the cost so much (even though that is huge), it's the time involved. I don't have time for anything these days so spending a day a week at the vet is not a good idea. I'd rather use my allotted vet time for my senior cats who really NEED to be there. Not for the healthy youngsters who are getting shots that I can surely do myself.

I also have to work tomorrow. I hate work. Hate it.


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