2014-05-08 - 12:42 a.m.

Eric got his offer from that company on the good side of the state. In my opinion it's not enough for us to be able to move there. But he's uncertain, he's thinking about it. I don't see how he could possibly think it was possible. If we were good with money it might be possible but we are the worst with money. We would have to be separated for a while and would have to be frugal for a while in order to make this work. And I just don't see either of those things being good for us. Anyway. I say no. I say no to it. I really think we should make our current situation work before we move on to another miserable situation. Seriously. This house just needs a little effort put into it. Maybe some weekends could be spent working on the house instead of going to concerts and bars. I'm irritated. I should stop writing right now.

I have allergies right now apparently. I don't believe in allergies. But I've been all congested and sneezy today and then I took an allergy pill and I am suddenly fine. So does that mean I have allergies? Yuck. I simply refuse that.

Oscar's bloodwork came back today. It's not good. He's nineteen, I don't expect it to be perfect. But (obviously) I'm not ready to accept that he's in his last years. He has to start subQ fluids three times a week now and I have to start adding things to his food every day in addition to his insulin shots and blood pressure medicine. Another reason to not move right now. I have a bunch of cats over the age of fifteen now. I have a feeling I am going to be spending a big portion of my days administering subQ fluids in the very near future.

Anyway. I am tired.


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