2014-02-11 - 11:16 a.m.

I've recently fallen in love with The Moth Radio hour. As you know, I detest Mondays lately because I am so sick of cleaning cleaning cleaning and Monday is my biggest cleaning day of the week. For about the past year My Monday starts out with a bunch of big sighs. I drink some tea, dink around on the internet and then sigh some more and start the laundry. I can't get anything done expediently because I find things to distract myself because I just detest cleaning so much. So a few weeks ago I started listening to The Moth while I'm cleaning. I get so absorbed in it that I manage to clean all day and get things done! I got so much done yesterday that FOR ONCE I can actually do some enjoyable things with my second day off today. (and by enjoyable I mean that I actually have time to go to the gym which is not enjoyable but will make me feel very good afterwards) I might actually have time to make some jewelry too! I sure miss having time to do that.

Another bit of good news! I have a wedding reception to go to on Friday. I was also unable to get the night off because it's Valentines Day and my boss felt that she couldn't be without me on a busy night such as that. (I felt kind of good about that until I realized that I was being punished for being good at my job.) So I was faced with a dilemma. I would have to go to the reception directly after work. I figure I can be out of there by nine thirty. But then I would have to change my clothes in the bathroom at work. And even getting into that bathroom to actually go to the bathroom is an ordeal. It's just a one person at a time bathroom and we only have one. It's constantly in use. Fortunately it has been requested that we wear Valentine-y clothes that night. So I came up with the idea that I could find a cute dress that looked Valentine-y but was also not so Valentine-y that I would look like an idiot at the reception. Because I have terrible luck shopping I was DREADING the trip to the mall on Sunday. The week before I spent three hours at the mall looking for something, anything, to wear to the Christmas party we had at work. I found NOTHING. Not one thing. And I didn't even have a set idea about what I wanted or anything, I just wanted something new to wear because all my clothes are terribly outdated and ragged. But I found nothing and ended up wearing the same old outfit I always wear. yes, I was DREADING the trip to the mall because I had limitations this time. I had to find a perfect dress.

My brother and sister in law gave me a gift card to Macy's for Christmas so I thought I would start there. I hardly ever go to Macy's, like, I think I've been there twice in my life. I wandered around for about an hour, picking up dresses that weren't perfect but could be made workable with the right accessories. Then I went and tried them all on. They either made me look like an old lady or they looked ridiculous on my because they were too young (too short) for my old lady body. I'm in an awkward phase I think. I can't dress like I did in my 30's, I'm getting too thick. But I also don't want to dress like I'm in my forties because I end up looking matronly and I hate that. So I was really agitated. I had tried on at least ten dresses and they all sucked. So I left the dressing rooms and was walking out of the store, totally frustrated when out of the corner of my eye I saw it! The perfect dress! I grabbed it and went to the dressing room. I thought for sure it would not fit, that it would look wrong on me but no! It was perfect! It's so cute! It looks very valentine-y, it's black with little pink polka dots and a swirly skirt and a high waisted belt and one of those old fashioned zippers on the back. I love it. And even better, I got to the register and it was 45% off.

I tried my dress on a few times yesterday. I get so excited about it. Having found this dress has kind of made me feel like I need to do some shopping. It feels so nice to feel GOOD in a piece of clothing. I really need to get rid of a lot of my clothes. A lot of them. Perhaps I should do that today with my extra time instead of going to the gym =)

That god damn cat Rudy is still being a jerk. I can get so much closer to him now though. He doesn't know this but within the next couple weeks he's going to be caught and taken to the vet to be fixed. It's mating season right now, I should really catch him right now but I don't have the money yet. The responsible thing for me to do would be to lock him in and not let him back out until his balls are cut off. But I have a bit of an opossum problem. You see, I leave the garage door open for Rudy. Once he's in the garage I close the door so he's safe and can eat and rest. I usually reopen the door as soon as the temperatures are out of the negative digits. Well, a couple weeks ago Rudy hadn't been here in a couple days so the door had been open day and night waiting for him to come back. What happened while he was gone was that an opossum moved in. He made himself a very lovely nest with some big fluffy blankets I had surrounding Rudy's bed. I didn't know there was an opossum there until Rudy came back and wouldn't get into his bed. I decided to investigate and found this little opossum sound asleep buried under a bunch of blankets. So I made Rudy another bed. This actually is a good thing because the new bed I made for him is in one of the huge cat carriers I used when bringing the cats back from Spain. I took the door off of it and I've been using them as cat houses for a couple years now. Stuffed with big fluffy blankets and a heating pad, they are perfect. So now that Rudy is used to sleeping in there and I can now walk near him without him bolting, all I have to do is put the door back on the thing and while he's sleeping lock him in and take him to the vet as soon as I have money!

The opossum sleeps all day and then comes out at night and does his opossum stuff. Opossums like to knock all the food and water dishes over. Opossums are messy little buggers. I have to leave the door open in hopes that the opossum leaves. Unfortunately (or fortunately because I can't pretend that I am not thrilled that I am keeping an opossum safe and warm) I believe the opossum is snowed in. He came here before that big snow storm and I'm fairly certain there is no way for him to get back to his usual spot now. So that's why I can't lock Rudy in to keep him out of the mating season going on out there. I can't lock the opossum in. That opossum needs to go be an opossum in the wild as soon as possible. In the meantime, though, I'll keep making him eggs with avocado and I'll keep cleaning up after him every morning. I try not to ever see the opossum (except for when I watch him on the camera) because I don't want him to be used to humans. But you know I would like nothing more than to tame him. Oh my god I would love to tame him. I love him!

So I guess that is all.


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