2014-01-31 - 1:34 a.m.

I've basically decided that I am going to be a crazy person during the last part of December and through January. Because it happened last year and it happened again this year even though I tried really hard to keep it all in check this year. Next year I'm not even going to try to give a shit. Next year I'll just be full on crazy.

I am really glad this month is over. I am really looking forward to February. I love February. And this February, in addition to all the other wonderful things about February that I love...I'll also be acquiring a nephew. I don't yet have my suitcase packed (like my mother) but I do have my plan in place for when he is born. If he's born between Saturday and Tuesday I am immediately (weather permitting) driving to Chicago to meet him in the hospital. I've already requested the next three Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays off just in case. (I am almost always off those days anyway but I put in requests just to be sure) If he's born during my work week I will be sad but ready to facetime him like crazy. And then I'll go to Chicago a couple weeks later, after they've settled in. It's probably a better plan, to go later. But man, I'm gonna want to see him immediately.

Work is fine. Life is fine. That god damn cat Rudy is still being a total pain in the ass but I swear that tonight he let me get closer to him than usual. Bear is fine and is due for his six month check up! It's amazing to me...six months ago I was sure he was not going to last another week. And now he's due for a recheck. I know he has cancer...I do know that. He's not in great health. I know that this recheck isn't going to give me any miraculous result. But I'm just so glad that six months later he is still fine, he is still happy and eating and playing and being Bear. I started taking that vitamin I've been giving him mega doses of because I think it's awesome. I've started giving it to everybody in the household when I can, actually. These cats man, they get lysine, coQ10 and now rutin. I hope I end up with the record for the oldest cat in the world. I think the current record holder is 32.

I went to the tanning bed for the first time in a decade. It was amazing.

I guess that is all.


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