2013-10-21 - 10:03 p.m.

Yesterday I spent the day picking every last flower or soon to bud flower I could out of my yard. Usually I leave flowers alone. I have a guilt about picking flowers. It makes me feel really bad to pick flowers, especially if the flower I am picking comes with a bud of a flower that hasn't yet bloomed. I will only ever pick flowers if they don't have any buds attached. Which is a chore. So I usually just don't pick flowers. But yesterday! Yesterday I could pick all the flowers I wanted because this is it! This is it for the season. Anything I didn't pick yesterday and today is going to be killed by the frost (and potential snow!!!) that is supposed to happen tonight. So my house is full of a bunch of flowers. And a shit load of cat nip. And about a billion green tomatoes. Oh I feel bad about the tomato plants. They all have a bunch of gorgeous little yellow flowers on them. I took clippings of the plants and they are in water now. I'm hoping they root and I can plant them and grow tomatoes in the house this winter. I had a mild success last year with that...this year I think I am more experienced and I hope to have a constant flow of sun ripened tomatoes this winter. I also dug up a couple cat nip plants. The cats have become accustomed to fresh cat nip time every night. I'm hoping the plants thrive in the house, but I am not holding my breath.

Physical therapy continues to go well. I still hate going and I swear every time I go that I am not going back. But then I realize that my back doesn't hurt AT ALL. AT ALL. I am actually really amazed by this whole thing. I thought they were all full of it, especially my referring doctor. He barely looked at me when I went in the first time. He had me stand in front of him and he felt my lower back and immediately wrote a diagnosis and a prescription for physical therapy. What's it been, a month now? And my back is so much better. I do my exercises and stretches most every day and twice a week she adds more and I feel like a different person. For real.

Tomorrow I have to take some cats to the vet. That virus has indeed spread through the house. It's not a bad virus, mostly just a bunch of sneezing. But I'm worried about Bear and I'm worried about Potato. They are both compromised in some way (Bear with the cancer and Potato with the FIV). I also have to bring Oscar with me to get his blood pressure rechecked. He is the worst cat in the car EVER. (actually, Ernest now gets that prize...he meows much louder than Oscar AND last time I took him to the vet he wailed the whole way AND pooped AND peed AND threw up)Also bringing Fishy Marie just for a check up and shots. After her I just have one more cat to get in for check up and shots this year. It will be nice to get that checked off my to-do list even though the cycle starts back up in December when it's time to bring Potato back for his yearly shots. Good lord. I think this might be the year I decide to talk my vet into letting me do the vaccinations at home. I've talked with her about it before but she's always talked me out of it. I think this year I won't let her.

I've been alone this week. It's been nice. I miss Eric and I have a list of things going that I want to tell him about but it was nice. For some reason being by myself slows time down. My three days off this week, which I almost always have, seem like a week. I am very confused about what day it is. I keep thinking I have to go to work tomorrow because it seems like I've been off work for so long. But no, I still have another day off!


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