2013-10-17 - 12:43 a.m.

I've ordered new bedding. This will be the first time, my friends, in twenty year !!!!! that I've had new bedding. I mean, I get new sheets from time to time (but I wear the hell out of them before I get new ones) and new blankets every so often (the last new blanket I bought was in Spain) but I've not had a matching set of new bedding since I was twenty and my mother bought me a bed for my apartment. (I still have the blanket she bought me for that bed, it's still, very pathetically, in use.) So yeah...within a week I will have new sheets, a new cloud like blanket and a new down alternative comforter. It will be amazing. The catalyst for this happened a couple weeks ago when I bought a really soft and fluffy blanket ( originally for the cats but I ended up putting it on my bed instead)for the cats. I find myself pulling it all around me in my sleep because it feels so good to have soft and fluffy surrounding me while I sleep. I miss having a comfortable bed. Man I used to love being in bed. I'm obviously going to have to get some new pajamas and probably a couple new pillows to go with my new bedding. I'm hoping that this new bedding will allow me to not get a new bed just yet. It's on my list, I need a new bed. But I really don't have the money.

So far Bear has not gotten the sneezing virus. In fact, none of the other cats seem to have gotten it which is now making me think that maybe Toot doesn't have a virus afterall and that I should probably take him to the vet. Maybe he has a piece of grass stuck in his nose or something ridiculous like that.

I contacted a trap neuter release program to come to my place of employment and catch the feral cats (and fix them and bring them back). They begin the trapping this weekend. I am kind of freaked out about it because you know how I feel about things being trapped in cages over night. I am really hoping I manage to control myself and not sit in the parking lot all night waiting for something to go in the trap. I am really trying to stay rational about this. It's a couple nights...a couple nights and maybe a raccoon will have to be trapped overnight but's for the greater good. We have to get those cats fixed. I can't have another kitten tragedy like that poor little kitten I caught on the patio.

I've had a terrible sinus headache for a few days now. I can't get rid of it. I will probably have to go to the doctor. I am hoping they just cut my sinuses out. It feels like I have a marble stuck in the side of my nose.

We had something really horrible and disgusting happen at work today. I am mortified by it. It happened at lunch, I wasn't there. If I had been there I would have freaked out. I'm not going to tell you what happened because you will never come in and eat at my restaurant again if you knew. But it was horrible and somebody should have lost their job because of it. Instead the customer to whom this horrible thing happened was given a free meal and a piddly $25 gift card. And I think that is shameful, she should have a years worth of free meals. At least.

I guess that is all. I have a few days alone. Eric is in France. I have a shit ton of things I want to while he is gong to, of course. And I'll probably barely get to any of it.


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