2013-10-24 - 1:24 a.m.

For some reason I never watched Parks and Recreation. I mean, I watched a couple episodes here and there but I never really got into it. Every time I would watch an episode I would just be eh about it. THANK GOODNESS! Because last week I decided to try watching it again, starting from the very beginning and I've been laughing my ass off. I am so glad I never watched it. Now I have a shit load of episodes to watch. Hopefully I don't burn through them all like I usually do when I find a good show.

Work tonight. I'm getting way too old to be this busy at my job. I'm still really good at my job but I think I'd like to retire before I lose even a little steam. I'd like to retire at the top of my game. I think I did a good job of making the restaurant industry my career for 25 years...but that's enough. I have to get through the next couple years and then it will be time for facial lady school and maybe owning my own business. I sure wish I could make owning a bookstore a career but I just don't think this town or any town around here will support a locally owned bookstore. I'm not even sure people on this side of the state read.

Sneezing virus seems to be leaving the house. I have to remain vigilant though. I've even been putting lysine in the food I throw out to the raccoons and opossums because I don't want them to get sick and tramp through the yard with their virus shedding. (I don't want them to get sick anyway but I especially don't want them to be sick and walking across the yard as Bear) Lysine, FYI, seems to do a great job at keeping cat viruses at bay. I've been putting it in all the wet cat food for a couple weeks now. The only cats who have gotten the virus are the cats who don't eat wet cat food.

It's cold out. I am loving this! I am so COZY! And when I step outside it is brisk and refreshing and perfect! This is PERFECT weather for me. I am in love with it. My body just loves this weather. I feel great.

Physical therapy is annoying me. I am hoping last week is my last week. It definitely did its job but I am so over getting up by alarm for it. God I hate having to be anywhere at a certain time. I know, I know...but still.


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