2013-09-09 - 10:20 p.m.

I did lots of phone talking today. Which is just about my least favorite thing in the world. It's exhausting. But. I managed to finally make myself a long overdue appt at the doctor. I found a new one...which is kind of why it took me so long to make the appt. My old OB/GYN was a good doctor but she was brutal. Brutal. Every time I went there she did something awful to me. I need to find somebody a little less brutal. Also, the receptionist at my old place was horrible. I was reminded of that today when I called the new place to make an appt and the receptionist was awesome and laughed at my jokes and super friendly and hospitable and then I called my old doctor to get my records transferred and the old receptionist was awful as usual. I said I needed my records transferred and she was all annoyed with me and asked if I had a fax and I told her no and she said, "Really? You don't?" with a big sigh of disgust. So now I have to hand write a note and mail it to them. I actually DO have the ability to fax but she was so awful that I just wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible.

So. That's done. Now I just need to make an appointment to see somebody about my back and my knee. Again, it is all because of the hassle of actually finding a doctor that I haven't done this yet. I don't even know what kind of doctor to see about this? I went to the doctor a few months ago about my back and they basically ignored me. But it's kind of a serious deal. I shouldn't have let them ignore me. My knee is also a serious deal but I think it's an easier fix. Like, I'll probably have to have a simple surgery on it. My back...yeah, that's pretty messed up.

Still trying to catch that cat.


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