2013-09-11 - 1:32 a.m.

Even though the temperatures today were absolutely anti-whisper...I had a fabulous, perfect day. Because the weather has been so nice for the last few weeks the pool is rather icy right now. So a ninety five degree day and and an icy pool equals divine contrast. I floated around for hours re-reading The Thorn Birds. For lunch I had a big plate of celery, carrots and salted cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden. And all the cats cooperated today and came in when I told them to! And then just as I got out of the shower Eric showed up with takeout food so I was able to instantly go downstairs and eat and watch Star Trek! Things never go perfectly for me! I am kind of nervous!

Anyway. I also made an appointment with a sports doctor for next week about my back and knee. I am REALLY excited. I can't wait to not feel like shit. I also started planning Whismas. I booked my massage for my birthday and I also booked a room in a bed and breakfast in Ann Arbor for the weekend of my birthday. It has a private hot tub on the deck outside the room. WHAT IF IT WERE TO SNOW THAT WEEKEND?!?! OMG, that would be so awesome.

Still trying to catch that damn cat. Last night he managed to get all the food out of the trap without setting it off. It was totally frustrating. After tonight I am going to need to take a couple nights off from this, I am exhausted.


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