2013-06-17 - 11:49 p.m.

Yesterday everybody was an asshole. I couldn't wait to go to sleep yesterday so I could wake up to a new day, a new week and forget all the assholery.

And I did wake up in a much better mood. I like Mondays. Usually on Sunday I am a wreck after having just completed my work week and Saturday night usually being the latest and busiest night of the week. So I sludge about on Sunday. It usually takes everything I have in me to go to the grocery store to get dinner stuff and to put the house in enough order to get me through one more night. But Mondays! Mondays are great! I wake up refreshed and ready and know that I have two days to get everything done! Today was no exception. I didn't get much really accomplished but I did get things put back together, did a shit load of laundry and made a delicious dinner. I like days like that.

Bad news about today though is that my cat Sully obviously has something way more serious wrong with him than I had thought. The vet had warned me that he might have a tough time with the hot weather. He still has a while left to go on this antibiotic treatment and he might be on steroids forever. He disappeared last week and I am still convinced that he was locked in someplace because there is no way he would have stayed away for two days especially when one of those days was stormy. But ever since he's been back he's been leaving in the morning and not coming back until almost dark. Which is unusual behavior. In the past he would always come out when I called for him. No matter where he was. Now he appears to have found a cool spot and he is staying there. But today was pretty hot...even a cool spot would have gotten a bit hot. So he came back to the house and I saw him walking across the yard and then he just laid down under a tree. So I went over there and found him panting and breathing very heavily and fast. So I rushed him in the house and pulled ice packs from the freezer and surrounded him with them and covered him with a damp cloth. Within the minute he stopped panting and was back to normal, ate a dish of ice cream and played with some cat nip. But that was frightening. It is apparent he can no longer go outside in anything over 75 degree heat. And I don't know what to do about that because he has always been an outdoor cat. I'm not sure he will handle this very well. I worry so much about stress because I know that stress is so very bad for health. I don't think the stress of being kept in the house will help him get better.


So that is all.


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