2013-05-10 - 1:43 a.m.

We're having an issue with our water. It's all full of air and last weekend the air pressure had caused a hose to come out of the water softener and flooded the lower level of the house. So. The water softener people were here the other day and they said the softener is fine, call a well guy. Which means this is going to be expensive. Fuckity. He'll be here tomorrow. I'm thinking it's the water pump because it doesn't make as much noise as it normally does (which has been nice, actually). I'm hoping it's the water pump. Expensive, yes...but it's not a well repair.

Work has been a bit better. After my blow up with that woman last week things have been better. My boss heard through the grapevine that I was fed up and ready to quit so she's been trying really hard to make things good for me. And I've been just trying to ignore the pill popping alcoholic disasters I work with.

Cats are fine. I'm nearing the end of the one month of antibiotic treatment for Sully. What a disaster. He's the worst medicine taker EVER. And I've had to give him three pills a day for the last three weeks. Ugh. It's been horrible. I can't wait until he's done.

I haven't really seen Eric at all in the last couple months. He's been traveling a lot for work and when he is here we work completely opposite schedules. It's OK right now...this not seeing much of one another. I think it's probably good once a decade (especially for someone like me) to have periods of time where you aren't really a couple but more like individuals. We barely even have a partnership going these days. I mean, I still set up the coffee maker for him every day and make dinner (only because I make myself a meal before work) and he still feeds the cats in the morning but beyond's kind of a fend for yourself sort of deal. So yeah, right now I am OK with this but I realize that it isn't sustainable. We don't sleep in the same room anymore (thank god! I love sleeping in my own room) and we never see one another. Ugh. I am really, truly hoping I can get out of this late night restaurant work by the end of this year. It will be hard to leave...I am making such great money and for the most part I like my schedule. I wish I could go in at 5 instead of four's still OK. It's nice to enjoy daylight.

So that is all. I am tired. I had a late night again tonight because of some oblivious customers who sat at the bar for over an hour after we had closed and were the only people in the restaurant for almost two hours.


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