2013-05-01 - 12:43 p.m.

It is no wonder I refuse to find homes for any of the cats I take in. I have yet to know ONE person who has taken care of their cat for the cat's life. NOT ONE. I keep having these little glimmers of hope, you know. Like a girl I used to work with a long time ago who had a cat she adored and doted upon. That was twelve years ago and so when she became my friend on facebook a year or so ago I was super thrilled to see pictures of that same cat with all sorts of loving captions. And then a few months ago there was a post that she needed to find a home for her fourteen year old cat who she's had since she was a kitten because her daughter has allergies. After I sent her an e-mail to get to the bottom of the story I found out that her daughter didn't have an allergy to CATS she just had allergies and her doctor was afraid that cat hair would just irritate those other allergies. Ok. Fuck off. And they kept their fucking dog. Their big, hairy dog. And when I mentioned that getting rid of carpet would probably help A LOT she said, "oh, I can't live without carpet." So a home was found for her poor cat and that was that. Fuck off.

Recently a friend of ours who is a lonely bachelor guy, not likely to ever find a wife or even a girlfriend sent me a message telling me that he had lost his cat. Which was HEARTBREAKING because this guy LOVED his cat. His cat was the highlight of his life. I felt GOOD knowing there was one cat out there who was being loved the way it should be. But then I got more of the story. This guys mother has been living with him for a while now and apparently she told him that the cat had to go. That she was going to kill the cat. So instead of thinking rationally he took the cat (WHO HAS NEVER BEEN OUTSIDE) and let it go. He was afraid she would kill the cat while he was at work. So instead of doing anything remotely in the cats best interest...he just dumped it someplace.

So I done. I am going to hoard cats. There will be no home finding...even for the fluffy squished face cat that has been lurking around my yard for the last week. I know he would be easy to find a home for once I catch him because he's beautiful (or will be when he is taken care of). But fuck that. I'm just going to hoard him too. I have one goal over the course of the next five years and that is to establish some sort of cat rescue. (but I won't adopt out any of the cats) I can do this. I just need to find some land on which I can build a shelter.


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