2013-05-10 - 11:44 p.m.

Oh lord. We're in disaster mode here. Our water has been fucked up for the past couple weeks...lots of air in the lines and stuff like that. So we had the well guy here today and he pulled up our line to see what was going on. (holy crap! what a system!! I found myself, while looking at the 100 feet of pipe being pulled from the earth that somehow draws water out and then pulls it into our house magically, totally disappointed with humanity. Man, we are incredible! But man, we are so not using our incredible-ness for good.) His diagnosis was not that the pump was blown (which is what I've been saying and hoping) but that we need a new well. And the way he told it made sense. But after he left and the water never came back on (when he said it would after a little while) we kind of realized that he diagnosed wrongly and now we are fucked for a few days. So now I have to take a shower at the Y tomorrow and I'll have to buy a shit load of water in plastic containers and the house will be a disaster and I'll have to go to the laundry mat. Fuck. Just making dinner tonight used up 2.5 gallons of water. And that was being really, really conservative. I only washed my vegetables a little bit.

I probably won't take a shower at the Y tomorrow because that would mean that I would have to actually GO there and work out first. So my shower will probably consist of heating up another big jug of water and dumping on myself. And I'll probably stink tomorrow at work because I am no longer using deodorant that I trust.

This is another story. the last year I've become even more OCD about food and things than I was before. I now use coconut oil or olive oil as a moisturizer for my body (I am still hooked on my toxic facial care products because my acne attack a decade ago is still a very traumatic thing for me to think about) because I just sit there and think about all that shit in commercial moisturizers being absorbed into my skin and blood. Once I started thinking about that all the time I started getting REALLY paranoid about deodorant. So I bought some hippy dippy paraben free crystal stuff and I've been using that. I actually think I smell BETTER than ever even when I get really sweaty. You know...that commercial antiperspirant would get all weird smelling whenever I actually needed it to work. But I still don't totally trust this crystal stuff or whatever it is. I am pretty much constantly sniffing my arm pits now days to make sure I don't stink.


The next few days ought to be fun! I should have been more out spoken today when the guy was telling us we needed a new well and I just wanted to scream, "NO!! WE JUST NEED A NEW PUMP!" I hate being an adult. This would have been a lot more fun if I were a child. (I remember several occasions when I was a child and we were out of electric or water for one reason or another (remember that huge ice storm????) and we would drive into Kalamazoo to shower at a grandparents house. I would give anything to be able to do that now.)

So that is all.


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