2013-01-08 - 8:37 p.m.

I've been a little stressed out lately. The trend of things going perfectly for me has kind of ended, I guess. I've been feeling rushed and frantic at work and it makes me feel rushed and frantic at home and I never quite feel like I am getting anything done. I'm getting things done, just not well enough. I'm half assing things again. But I keep getting up (late) every morning with the thought that TODAY will be the day things go perfectly (or at least close to perfectly). So that is a good sign.

Yesterday I was supposed to take two cats to the vet. Tiger, the poor little feral we tamed and caught who is FIV was supposed to go in for booster shots and to be RETESTED for the FIV because I refuse to believe it. And Bear needs to have that mysterious mass in his chest checked out to make sure it isn't growing. BUT...Tiger took one look at me coming down the stairs yesterday and immediately knew my intention and bolted away to the safest hiding spot in the house from which I can not extract him. He's a smart little devil. So I missed the appointment. It was a potentially heartbreaking appointment anyway...I mean, I refuse to believe the FIV test results and I also refuse to believe that Bear has a mass in his chest. To have either of those things confirmed (again) will be a pretty big blow to my soul. So I guess I am not surprised that I wasn't more upset about missing the appointment.

The day did not get better from there. First of all...I had gone outside and started the car to warm it up before loading the cats and since I never was able to catch Tiger...I never went back out to the car until about an hour an a half later. Which means I left it idling for an hour and a half.

Then. I decided I needed to do my eyebrows but I couldn't find my scissors that I use to trim them so, hey! There's Eric's sideburn trimmer! I'll just very carefully use that! NOT. I shaved off half of my left eyebrow. No joke. So today I had to go out and spend $25 on implements to try to "fix" this before I have to go to work tomorrow. I might just end up cutting my bangs. Which would really suck since I haven't cut my bangs in about a year.

Anyway. I had a massage today. I've been very very good about keeping up with the once a month massage thing. It is the best thing I am doing for my health right now. Aside from all the kale I am eating. Now I just need to get back to the regular exercise, cutting back on TV, cutting down on the wine and getting back to the mostly vegan diet I want to be on.


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