2013-01-15 - 10:23 p.m.

I bought a Groupon last week for an on-line web design class. Wow. I did not know what I was getting myself in to! I know nothing about web design. I don't even understand the first sentence of the first unit. Good lord.

I had a pretty nice day off today. Yesterday I cleaned like a crazy person, took some cats to the vet, paid some bills and just got as much stuff done as I could so that today I could find time to exercise (oh my god my back has been MESSED up and I know I know I know it's because I haven't been exercising at all). And I did it, I did one hour of yoga and my back feels much better! I also sat outside for a little while and read while the cats nosed about the frozen ground looking for grass and/or moles. My phone has been kind of broken for the last couple days...I can't send or receive texts except for occasionally and the same thing for making and receiving calls. I will take it somewhere tomorrow I guess. But it was kind of nice today to just put the god damn phone away instead of carrying it all over the place with me.

Anyway. Back to work tomorrow. I need a vacation. Did you know that I haven't been on vacation since we moved back from Spain? Did you know that I haven't had more than five days off in a row since we moved back from Spain? I need a vacation. I need like a two week vacation. A few days away from the house, a few days working on the house, a few days visiting people I need to visit (grandmother, seriously neglected friends and babies of these friends that I haven't even met yet) and a few days of just reading.

Maybe next year.


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