2012-10-27 - 1:33 a.m.

Crappy night at work. Weekends are so hard there. I am a loner...I don't work well with other people. So weekends, when we have two bartenders behind the bar, are so hard for me. I get so agitated, so impatient, so frustrated and then I come home feeling all of those things. I must think about arranging my schedule so I only work on nights when I can be alone behind the bar.

Tonight I got home at 1 am. All riled up and I planned to watch a tv show and go to sleep since I have to be back to open the restaurant in the morning. But I'm not tired. At all. I think it will be hours before I sleep. Even a glass of wine is not helping. I have no reason to be so stressed out, but I am. I think it's the election. Man, I can't wait until it's over. My plan for election day is to go and cast my vote and then come home and take a sleeping pill and sleep until every vote is in and the president is announced. I kind of did this for the last election except there was no sleeping pill. I just went to bed really early and the next thing I knew Eric was waking me up telling me that Obama had won and I was so relieved and so happy and so fucking proud! It was a great thing to wake up to. I hope I am going to repeat that this year. Anyway. Politics are extremely stressful for me. And I'm a bartender. It gets weird sometimes. Last night I almost punched an 80 year old woman in the face because she was such an asshole Republican selfish ass. Anyway.

I am driving the Prius now. My poor Honda is sitting lonely in the driveway. Last night as I was driving home from work I thought to myself, "I'm going to take good care of this car, I'm not going to trash it like I did my Honda," and just as I was thinking that to myself I went to set my tea down in the cupholder except the cupholder wasn't where I thought it was and I essentially just dropped my cup of tea directly to the floor. So. The Prius is already experiencing my total and complete destruction. It won't be long before it's full of junk mail and smells like cat pee.



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