2012-10-30 - 8:59 a.m.

I had to get up early this morning because it's cold and snow/raining and the wind is fierce and we have that poor little stray kitty we've been trying to tame outside. Last night I told Eric to just grab him and bring him in the house. Because he could. The kitty likes Eric much better than he likes me. I can pet him for about five seconds and only on the head. Eric can pet him much longer and the cats gets purring and winds around his legs. I am telling myself that the cat doesn't hate me, it's just that I probably smell more like a cat than a cat does since I spend the majority of my day cuddling various kitties. ANYWAY...the outside poor dude is getting tame enough that we can pet him but he's still awfully skittish and I'm sure he's never been in a house before and I'm sure he's never been picked up before. So we wanted to be slow and careful with this but last night the weather was so awful and I just can't sleep thinking about him out there. So I told Eric to just grab him but he wouldn't. So the kitty is still out there. He's huddled under the pine trees right now, meowing. But he won't let me touch him right now (wind is freaking him out), otherwise I'd grab him. It would be OK to be covered in cat scratches for Halloween, I don't have a costume anyway. Damn it! I wish I could just catch him! I wish I had a barn!

So. I was up early thinking Eric could grab the cat this morning when he was leaving for work but it didn't work out and now here I am, up three hours early and I don't really have anything to do (actually, I have a shit ton of things to do)and I am sitting here making up excuses about why I can't go to the gym today. Here is a prime example of the kind of shit I pull with myself.

Yesterday I went to get a facial. I am still attempting to find a person to keep my skin decent who isn't two hours away. So yesterday I had a groupon facial. It turned out to be ok-ish, not like the last Groupon horrow facial I got...but still not very good and no where near as good as my lady two hours away. The one good thing about it was that this facial lady did my eyebrows. And she did a beautiful job. The best eyebrows I've ever had. They are perfect. So on the way home I decided that I needed a haircut to go with my eyebrows. (even though I vowed six months ago that I was only ever going to get my hair cut on my birthday because it is a ridiculous expenditure for me, I have the easiest hair cut ever and I still end up paying 60$ for it which always makes me sick to my stomach.) Are you still following all this? Here's where my stupid thinking gets in the way of everything. So I made the appointment for my hair cut at 3:30 today. Why can't I go to the gym? Because of my hair. I washed it yesterday morning. If I were to go to the gym it would become gross. And I can't walk into the salon with gross hair. Even though I know she's going to wash it, I don't want them to even get a tiny whiff of disgusting unwashed gym hair. I could go to the gym and then wash my hair...but then I am wasting time. That would be two hair washings and doing in one day. This is ridiculous. Anyway, I can't go to the gym right now, too busy.

This is the dumbest entry I've ever written.


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