2012-10-14 - 2:13 a.m.

Oh....these satin sheets are AMAZING. I thought I would get over the initial amazingness of them, but it's not going to happen. I think I might just have to accept the fact that I am just going to be one of those people who sleeps on satin sheets. In addition to total comfort, they also appear to repel cat hair. Which, as you know, is a great thing this family.

I am up late! OMG. I hate it. We have a new customer at work and he's a chatter. So nice, so very nice and he isn't uninteresting so it's not terribly annoying to listen to him talk and talk...but you can't get away from him ever. So I end up being about an hour behind in my closing work when he comes in. And tonight was worse because that stupid baseball game was on and he decided he was staying to watch it with "us". (by us I mean the other people I work with because I think sports should die in hell) So he was there LATE and I was so behind. And man...I sure hope I don't sleep until noon tomorrow.

Eric is starting a new job this week. He'll get a company car so I am kind of inheriting the Prius. As usual I am totally being stupid weird with attachment issues and I am already planning to drive my Civic at least a few times a week because I love her and I don't want to abandon her. Quite honestly I don't really like the Prius. I love my little Honda but she's kind of beat up, needs a bunch of repairs, etc,. Anyway. We'll see. I shouldn't say I love my little Honda that much because really, I've been annoyed since day one with the fact that it's a two door. Two door cars are dumb.

That is all.


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