2011-09-03 - 10:41 a.m.

Things that have really been annoying me at work.

-One of the cashiers recently bought a new Camero. She is now parking it far away from all other cars in an unused portion of the parking lot. And she parks it everyone can look at how "pretty" it is.

-There is a little group of people there who think they are wonderfully hipster and awesome and witty. (they are not, they are actually very boring) They use words like "noms" (It's time for lunch noms!) , "sketch" (I don't know, I think it's a little sketch that he called in today.), and schmaltzy (I don't even know if I am spelling that right)(Hmmm, that loaf of bread expired yesterday and it looks a little schmaltzy). I want to rip their faces off when they speak like this.

-Another thing people say at work that for some reason makes me claw at the walls is that they are going to cook something off or bake it off. Just say bake or cook you retardos. All day long I hear, "did you cook those noodles off?", "did you bake that crisp off?" etc. I don't know why it makes me crazy. It just does.

Anyway...I am hopefully giving my notice this week. I am just waiting for an official opening date for the restaurant. So far it's been delayed by a week of the goal...I'm grateful that they are telling us to not give our notice until they can give us a concrete date. I'm getting antsy though! I won't be able to take a week off between jobs like I had wanted...but hopefully I will be able to take a week off at some point in the near future. Hopefully. I wish I could do it now, I have a serious desire to take a trip up north by myself for a few days. I have a lot of thinking to do these days. I need a couple days of quiet.


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