2011-08-11 - 3:41 p.m.

Yeah, I got the job, of course. I am very excited about it. I've never been part of a restaurant opening and this will be AWESOME. They also want me to help with their cheese stuff...picking cheese, pairing cheese, that sort of thing. Honestly, I'm a little sick of cheese...but, it would be nice to be "more" than just a server/bartender. I like being the resident cheese expert. I am also very excited about having more time for my own life. In reality I am only working ten more hours a week than I did when I did my last restaurant stint...but that ten hours is a huge deal and even more of a huge deal is that I am not currently able to take any time off. If I want to take any day off other than my Thursday and Saturday, I have to request it off a month in advance and even then it always turns into an ordeal. I miss the days when I could be burned out and take a fucking day off. (note to self though...DO NOT RESUME YOUR OLD PRACTICE OF FEELING BURNED OUT ONCE A WEEK AND GIVING AWAY HALF YOUR SHIFTS!)

Anyway...things might be looking up. I just have to give my notice and prepare myself for a possible counter offer. I need to keep remembering that I will not see daylight from December until March if I continue at this job. I need to remember how depressed I got and how I am JUST NOW coming out of that. I also need to remember that I got chilblains from the cold and the lack of movement and that they throw baby birds in the dumpster and play with the sawed off heads of pigs whenever they can. Not for me, thank you very much.

In other news...don't ever get a kitten. It's been thirteen years since I've had a real kitten (I've had kittens six months of age but not a six week old kitten since Smudge) and real kittens are INSANE and IMPOSSIBLE. I can't wait until this little shit grows up a little. If you're going to get a kitten, get a six month old kitten. They still do cute kitten things but they aren't the devil.


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