2011-09-28 - 8:46 p.m.

I am down to two more days at the job. This couldn't have happened at a better time. I am seriously done with my work forty five minutes after arriving there in the morning these days and then I have another eight hours and fifteen minutes in which to fester. I am sad this didn't work out. It was awesome being the cheese department.

So yes. I am done in two days and it is very possible that my job at the restaurant might be delayed by another week...WHICH WOULD BE GREAT. I could really use a week off. Even two weeks off would be OK! I am probably the only person this restaurant has hired who is hoping that the construction is delayed a little. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited to start at this new job...but I have a year and a half of laundry to catch up on. That is no joke.

I am taking at least two days off in any case. I have a super plan in the works. It involves getting off work on my final day (Friday) and coming home to eat dinner and take a bath and go to bed. Then I'll wake up Saturday and eat something and then take a Tylenol PM and go back to bed. I plan to repeat that until I am no longer malnourished* or tired.

*I am FAT right now because of my current job but my fatness comes not from eating well but from snacking endlessly on cheese, cookies and pasta salads. Everybody at my job brings me food all day long. I plan to become vegan for a bit as soon as I get out of that place. I feel like total crap right now. And I'm fat.

I am sad-ish about leaving my job. I liked the actual job part and I liked my little cheese corner even though it had no natural light and I just missed five seasons completely...but man, that place drove me crazy.


I plan to do great things again. I'm pretty fucking worn down and dismal...but I am heading towards greatness. I just know it.



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