2011-03-25 - 8:38 p.m.

In the last week...

I (and all the other managers) had to attend management classes at a stupid business school. It was super dumb and ate up twelve hours of personal time.

My gerbil died. It was horrible. If I hadn't been at the stupid management classes I might have noticed he was sick and maybe I could have saved him.

I went to look at an ice cream shop that is for sale. It is totally feasible that I could actually buy the business and do well with it (and run my vegetarian catering from the kitchen) but in my current financial state (debt that won't be paid off until the end of the year), I cannot possibly take it on. It would have been nice to own a business five minutes from my house. A chance like this will probably never come up again.

My biological grandfather died. And probably the next ten entries should and might be about this. I can't believe how short life is.


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