2008-09-16 - 3:33 p.m.

Yesterday I was being proactive about finding a new job. I bundled up my references and phone numbers and jumped into my car and drove to the next place I would like to try working at. As I pulled into the parking lot two employees came out the door to smoke. I got out of my car with my friendliest face on and smiled and then noticed that my car was rolling behind me. To which I yelled, "CRAP! NOT AGAIN!" and then I jumped in the car, threw the brake on and then promptly released the brake and sped off.

I shall try again tomorrow.

Anyway. Today I brought my coffee to work in my giant travel mug (as usual). At the end of the day I usually have a little left and I throw it down the drain before I leave. When I unscrewed the lid today I noticed that I had been drinking my coffee BLACK all day. And hadn't even noticed. So does this mean that I should stop using cream in my coffee? It would save me a few dollars a week and probably a pound or two around my thighs. I just never thought of myself as a black coffee drinker. It would be weird to be that.

That is all.


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