2008-09-13 - 10:46 a.m.

RAIN! Loving it! MMMMMMMMM. I want to go outside and sit in it. The raindrops in Spain were always too large, the deluge too heavy. Rain in Michigan is delightful. Peaceful. Pretty.

The rain, however, is not good for some things. Like kittens in bushes, for example. Yesterday while I was working someone mentioned in a kind of "haha" way (fuckers) that one of her friends had found five kittens in a bush near her house. This friend had taken one and left the others. Which is just awful. I instructed this girl I work with to be a good human and take care of the situation. You know, like NOT leave the five week old kittens in the fucking bush. Anyway, I gave her information for some rescues and I tried to put it out of my mind. Then I went to work at the wine bar and the hostess there asked if I knew anyone who had kittens because she wanted one. So now today I have to figure out how to get this girl a bush kitten and how to NOT take the rest of the kittens for myself. But I can't just leave them in the bush...especially not with all the rain.

GAHHHHH. I wish this whole pet thing never would have happened to society. We created a disaster and it makes me oh so angry.


I am 98% certain that I will find a new job this coming week. I am ready.

So that's all.


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