2008-09-09 - 9:46 a.m.

One of the main reasons I was so excited to move back to the United States was....TV....!!!!! So it was with an almost dire disappointment that I returned to this country only to find myself in the middle of a writers' strike (wait, does the apostrophe go there?). I ended up being okay with it because I had many episodes of TV to catch up via DVD. I watched every single The Office in a two week period of time and then 30 Rock and then How I Met Your Mother and now I am working on Ugly Betty. Also, thanks to Showtime I was able to watch a new season of Weeds this summer. But, despite all that TV I was able to watch since my triumphant return home, I am still finding myself giddy with excitement about season premieres! Last night I looked up the season premieres of my favorite shows (The Office, 30 Rock and How I Met Your Mother) and then found myself getting excited about ALL THESE OTHER potentially great shows I can watch this Fall.

OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT! Not only do I get my first Fall in, what, four years? But I also get TV!!!! Holy crap!

In other news. I also managed to locate and order some elusive cat food I've been wanting my cats to try. This is also potentially exciting. They had this food in Spain which made my cat, Smudge, purr when I opened the can. I miss Smudgie purring when I open a can of cat food. Anyway, this food I ordered is not the same but it seems like it might be similar. I can't wait to get it.

Fall!! TV!! CAT FOOD!!

I have a massage on Thursday. I am not exactly in a financial position to get a massage (five weeks of driving back and forth to Kalamazoo is expensive even with a car that gets 40-ish miles per gallon) but when I was driving back from Kalamazoo on Thursday my back started spasming and then ended with a very burn-ey type ache which made it almost unbearable to drive. Since then my lower back has been stiff and sore and quite burn-ey still. I did yoga and spent half an hour yesterday in child's pose...but it still hurts. So. Massage. New massage therapist but she comes highly recommended. I am desperately hoping she is up to snuff.

I am avoiding looking at the clock right now. I got a call this morning from my stupid job and they want me to come in because someone called in sick. I figure if I wait long enough they will find someone else for the 11 clock shift. Of course, there really isn't anyone else. Shit. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up going in. This totally sucks.

That is all.


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