2008-04-29 - 4:30 p.m.

Today when I walked into work it was pure chaos. Dirty plates all over the place, people looking around madly for coffee refills, a line at the register and one poor frazzled waitress when there should have been two. After I helped her catch up and things were almost going smoothly I found out that the other waitress had walked out because the owner had accused her of stealing money.

I kind of shrugged it off...because owners are always accusing people of stealing money and went about my business...being a waitress short for lunch on a half day of school was NOT a good plan...but we pulled it off and I made awesome monies and then it was 3 and the owner guy called me in the back and showed me the videos of the girl stealing money. It was so blatant. And SOOOOO much money. SHe was probably taking about $100 a day. At least. I was horrified.

I was also horrified to find out about the cameras. I knew they were there...but I did NOT know that they had sound. And now, because of this money stealing episode, the owner dude is spending his day poring over all the footage and he is going to hear me say that I didn't think he was very nice and WORSE...he's going to hear my 3:00 "I'm alone in the restaurant and the cook is in the parking lot" duet with Micheal Jackson (P.Y.T.!). OHH GODD.


I'm glad to be home now. And I really, really hope that when I go to work tomorrow no one mentions my singing.

Also. I am not very comfortable with the camera thing. I totally understand having a camera over the cash register. But this guy has cameras EVERY WHERE. Even in the cooler.

I'll probably need to quit now.


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