2008-05-05 - 10:44 a.m.

I am still working six days a week. And I'm about to freak out about it. Cannot sustain this schedule. The good news about it is that I have accelerated through the ranks already and have two coveted opening shifts a week now. Which means that things should quickly get better with my life schedule because I will be getting home at 1 or 2 instead of 4 or 5. The bad news about this is that Eric and I now have completely opposite schedules. But that's fine because now we both have the schedules on which we thrive. He's a night person and I am a morning person. I like to be wrapping things up for the day at 8 pm and that's when he typically gets things going. I tried his schedule for the Spain years and it never worked for me.


Today I am taking my cat to the groomer because he is a total mess again. We feel like total losers for letting him get this bad. But I have issues with the grooming thing. I never want him to be put under for it and on the other hand, I don't want him to be awake for it because it is scary, right? So I can never figure out how to get it done. The other day his butt area hair had gotten caked with cat poo and I had to give him a bath and then the mats on his side were so dense that they didn't dry for two days. POOR CAT! So I just called around until I found a groomer that can get him in today. And I will take him there and hope that he isn't too freaked out by the whole experience. mother and brother are coming here today. I am excited to show them the turkeys and to buy my mom giant artichokes at the market.

Also...we attempted to mow our giant lawn and failed. So we are probably really hated in our neighborhood right now because we have a jungle of dandelions and our grass is well over an acceptable height. I am very hopeful that this week we will find a lawn service to bail us out of this. I called FOUR companies until I found one that called me back. Service in this country is becoming laughable.

And now for the comic relief portion of our episode. The other day I went to the gym. I have a a spare set of car keys that I've attached my gym card to. Because then I just have to go into the gym with my water bottle and one key and I don't have to go to the locker rooms and blahblahblah. This gym car key thing has caused me trouble before. (when I went out to warm up my car with the gym set of car keys and then locked myself out of the house with a running car, no shoes and three feet of snow) the other day I went to the gym and I had to bring my purse with me because I had errands to run afterwards (avocados and leaf bags). After I finished at the gym I drove to the hardware store and pulled into a parking space and riffled through my purse to make sure I brought cash money and then I got out of my car and locked the doors and went into the store and bought leaf bags and came out of the store and found that my car was locked and STILL RUNNING. Because, duh, I had the gym keys in the ignition and I had my regular car keys in my hand and somehow in my post workout stupor I just exited my car with my normal keys in hand and didn't even notice that the car was running. I am NOT telling my husband this story. He would not find it funny and probably would not let me out of the house again if he knew about it.

I am eating toast right now and it is delicious. The best toast I've ever had. Which is unfortunate because the loaf of bread from which this toast is made cost $6.00. I cannot afford $6.00 loaves of bread on a regular basis.

That is all.


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