2008-04-28 - 10:29 a.m.

I really hate the girl who does the schedule where I work. She is an antagonist. I say to her last week, "wow, the schedule you gave me this week was absolutely perfect for my life," and so this week she gives me the complete opposite schedule. One which is totally UN-right for my life. I might have to kick her in the head.

However. I went out and bought two new work shirts this week. Which means I must be intending to stay there for a while. Which is what I need to do anyway. We need lots of stuff right now and we don't have the resources for me to be jumping from job to job. I need steady income right now. We need a roof, a fence, a chainsaw to cut up all the dead trees in our yard, we need a lawn tractor or at least $60 a week to pay someone to mow our lawn and I also need new glasses and a frickin CD player for my car.

Maybe I need two or three more steady incomes.

Yesterday I went outside to ascertain how long it would take me to mow our lawn with the push mower we have. At first I was thinking it would take me three days. But then I realized that I had forgotten about a big portion of land. So it would take me four days. We have a humongous yard. I wish I could convert a portion of it into a wildflower field. If I trusted myself to make that work, I would do it. But I know it would just turn into a big field of over grown grass.

I've decided that I am going to grow a crop of tomatoes this year. And can them. And make salsa and can that. And make spaghetti/pizza sauce and can that. Then I will be an expert at canning things and an expert tomato grower (if I manage to grow a crop of tomatoes) and so next year I can add another crop. I wish you could can lettuce.

We are also discussing the possibility of getting chickens. For eggs. The only problem we foresee with that is that I will have a hard time keeping the chickens outside in their coop during the winter and during storms. Eric says there is no way I can have chickens in the house.

I really have nothing interesting to talk about lately. I thought that by this point in our triumphant return to America I would have life settled and I would be back in my skin again. But I am still not. I'm still on auto pilot. I'm really looking forward to the day when I wake up and recognize myself.

That is all.


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