2008-03-23 - 12:07 p.m.

Today I unearthed my Bedazzler. !!!! This is going to be a good day.

Yesterday I rearranged the entire upper floor of our house. Which led to finally making a cozy niche in which to cuddle with cats and husbands while watching movies or reading in sun beams. This house was lacking a cozy niche.

Today my mother and my youngest brother were supposed to finally come to my house to visit. But my mother got sick. So now I am stuck with four pounds of tomatoes and five fennel roots. Because I was going to make a fennel and tomato feast for her. Oh...and also, I am stuck with a whole bunch of provolone cheese because I was going to make my favorite provolone dish as well. I will still make the fennel and tomato soup (because I can eat that all week and be happy about it) but I have no idea what to do with the other tomatoes and fennel root. The soup requires two pounds of tomatoes and two fennel roots. Oh...and four artichokes. I need to do something with four artichokes. instead of force feeding people fennel and tomatoes today...I am rearranging the lower level of the house (and cleaning it, I haven't really cleaned the lower level, except for our bedroom, since we moved here) and working on unpacking some more boxes out of the garage. The only goods thing about Spring's possible arrival is that it will be much more comfortable digging through the garage boxes once it warms up. I can currently get through two boxes before I get too cold and have to go inside to warm up.

Eric is in Spain right now. I am finding myself oddly wanting to be there. I don't know why exactly. I just want to walk around Barcelona and eat tapas at our favorite bar. Oh, and I want gelato. Nata gelato. Gelato de nata. On the beach. But then I want to come directly back here. I don't want to live in Spain ever ever again...but I guess I want to visit again, sooner than I thought I would. I also miss my Spanish people and I got kind of choked up when Eric told me he is going out with our little group tonight.

Oh...I am also planning to watch Dr. Zhivago tonight.

The deer came back yesterday.

That is all.


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