2008-03-22 - 9:37 a.m.

I keep a calendar specifically to record moods, headaches, thirst patterns, breast tenderness and other important health related things. Since November (when I started working at that restaurant with the crazy person owner) I have been having my usual monthly rage attacks but they have been focused expressly on her since November. I call it, "The Lisa Rage". In November I was angry with her for ruining, completely, my triumphant return back to productive life. I had thought I was going to find a happy, perfect job right off the bat...and her restaurant seemed, at first glance, to be just that. But then her crazies started acting up and I witnessed all those firings and quittings within the first two weeks of my employment there and blah blah blah. So. In December I was angry with her because I knew I was going to have to find a new job and that made me angry because I had SO much other stuff going on and job hunting is a stressful pain in the ass. In January I was livid with her because she was completely out of her mind in that month. In February and now March I am totally enraged with her because she and her crazies have ultimately cost me thousands of dollars. If she hadn't of been so MEAN and AWFUL I would have stayed there and would have made my 1200-1600 a month for the last three months instead of going crazy with a renewed and NOT fruitful job search and all the depression and crap that goes along with that. Also, I wouldn't now be faced, again, with the prospect of having to start this job search all over again. I am not staying at the place where I am currently working, but I will stay there until I find another job. I just hope that isn't too long because I don't know how many days I can spend five hours there and walk out with NINE DOLLARS like I did yesterday. NOT GOOD. Also, there is the management issue and a really bad vibe resonating through the entire place. Also, people in West Bloomfield are kind of awful. And the worst tippers I have ever, in my entire life, come across. When I leave this restaurant I will never go back to West Bloomfield again. It's really a crappy place. For many reasons.

Anyway, right now I have The Lisa Rage.

Also, I am thrilled that it snowed again!!! I was totally not ready for spring yet. I hope it snows a few more times yet. Snow until May!!! I plan to make a few snow angels today. I haven't been frolicking in the snow as much as I had planned to. The entire time we were in Spain I daydreamed about frolicking in the snow.

I went to talk to the turkey yesterday and he ignored me. Jackass.

That is all.


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