2008-03-21 - 8:14 a.m.

Oddly...I did come home with $33 on my first day of waiting tables at the newest hellhole in my life's list of hellholes where I am forced to spend time.

Thirty three dollars IS NOT a lot of money to come home with after a shift. And I could up my income if I started working nights there. But I am just not ready for the sleaze yet. I figure if I can hold off on the nights for another week or so (this might not be possible, they are kind of pushing me in that direction because I think they have plans to put me in the dreaded bar area) that maybe one of those other restaurants where I applied will call. Or I will find the perfect job elsewhere.


Yesterday I went to work and found a note posted on the office door that says there is a mandatory beer seminar on Saturday at 3. Which I think is just about the rudest thing ever. YOu give two days notice for a mandatory meeting? On Easter weekend? I DON'T have any plans for Saturday (other than just spending some much needed time in solitude and taking an extra long walk and going to see the turkey) but what if I HAD planned to go out of town for Easter weekend? Because that would be a likely thing, I mean, I am not scheduled to work on Saturday or Sunday and my family and Eric's family both live far far away from me. So it is a very likely scenario that I would be out of town.

I had a terrible dream last night that one of my cats jumped in a swimming pool to catch a swallow (remember the swallows that used to dive-bomb our swimming pool?) and then started swimming towards the deep end and started sinking and by the time I jumped in to get him he was at the bottom of the pool and I couldn't see him but everyone else could and no one else would jump in to help me. But I finally saved him. It was a very scary dream. And I woke up very mad at him for just giving up and sitting at the bottom of a pool.

That is all.


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