2008-03-24 - 5:09 p.m.

Well. I have another new job.


I hope...I really, really hope that this one works out better than the last two. What a pain in the ass this has become and the entire ordeal is ironic as hell. I mean, I am the QUEEN of longevity. Since I started working at the age of 15...I have stayed at my jobs for years. Not months. Not weeks. Years. I get made fun of because I stay at jobs so long. And now, in the course of four months I have quit two jobs.

Anyway. I am still waiting for that one place to call me in for an interview (the place with the fantastically kind owner and a bustling business in wine and delicious food) and I've known since I applied for that job that I will take it when it's offered to any job I have right now is going to be rather temporary. So I don't have to love it or make money hand over fist...but I would like to make more than six dollars. Which is how much I made today at that place I work(ed) at in West Bloomfield. I made nine dollars on Friday. And on Thursday I made $33. So it's not looking so good that I could make any money there unless I work a double shift and stay there until after midnight. Which is something I am NOT wanting to do.

So I went to a place this afternoon that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it's a "family dining" kind of place. So it closes at nine pm and there isn't any alcohol. I'm sure their salads are made of iceburg lettuce and ranch dressing...but I don't care. I think it's going to fit my needs much better than the place in West Bloomfield. When I went there this afternoon to apply the place was chock full of old people and I love old people. Old people are nice. Old people are not like West Bloomfield snobbies with plumping lip gloss smeared all over their faces. Old people might not tip the best, but neither did the West Bloomfield snobbies. The best thing though...this new restaurant is less than ten minutes from my house. No more forty minute drive to work.

I start tomorrow morning and I am desperate for this to work out. PLLLLLLEEEEAAAASE let this place work out.

In other news...I think we have a woodpecker making a nest in our overhang thing. Which might be cool except we are getting a new roof pretty soon and if there is a woodpecker family up there, that might be problematic. I don't know how to deter the woodpecker (I don't know that it's a woodpecker for just SOUNDS like a woodpecker) from making the nest though.

Also. I've been trying to leash train my cats.

Which is pretty hilarious.

I keep trying to tell them that the leash thing is only until we can get them a fence. But they don't understand me.

That is all.


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