2008-01-10 - 10:24 p.m.


I just realized why I was a nervous wreck about the house thing. I realized that it isn't nervous energy I am feeling. It is despair.

I am realizing more and more what a huge mistake moving to Spain was. Because now...because I haven't worked in 3 years (because of Spain) I am not AT ALL involved in buying this house. My name is no where on anything. Because that's the way it works when you don't have a work history and everything is based on your spouse.

I am totally devastated.

I wish I had never moved to Spain. It was, with no question, the biggest mistake, the only mistake, I have ever made in my life.

Just for reference. When I decided to move to Spain, I OWNED A HOUSE. BY MYSELF. WITH EQUITY.

And now I have so little of nothing that I can't even be included on a home loan.


I'm pretty sad about this whole thing.

And I'll probably erase this post in a few minutes.


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