2007-12-19 - 11:02 a.m.

I am completely socially inept. Completely. I really need to go through some sort of introduction to society program or something.

It would appear that I need several hours to prepare myself for social interaction or else I just present myself as a bumbling idiot with a bitchy side.

Yesterday I had that work meeting. I was really tired and even though I had intended to wake up a couple hours befoer the meeting, I didn't end up waking up until forty five minutes before I had to leave. Which left me just enough time to brush my hair and teeth and to watch an episode of 30 Rock on So I drive to work and the door is locked and I knock on the window and someone opens the door for me and I can't make eye contact with the guy because there was a creep situation with him on Sunday (more about that later) and I just don't want to deal with him so instead I mumble something and he jokingly says something and I tell him to shut up and then, in my head, I'm in disbelief that I just told someone to shut up so I run into a table and knocked some stuff over and then turn around and walk right into the wall and I finally sit down and the meeting starts and there was a question asked and I knew the answer but I just didn't feel like speaking and someone else answered it and I started to smile because I was proud I knew the answer and my boss lady looks at me and asks why I am smiling and I mumble something and get flustered and oh then the wine distributor lady starts talking and I relax a little, start to get into the meeting and then the wine distributor lady (who was already annoying me because she wasn't prepared for the meeting and the handout she gave us had a typo for every other word) says, "we should open a bottle of (some kind of) Merlot so you all can try to difference between (some) method and (another) method of wine making." So she gets the bottle and looks at me with a little sneer and announces triumphantly, "We'll have the neeeew girl open it!" And I say....

"I know how to open a wine bottle."

And she says something about wanting to see my presentation and I say....

"No." And follow that no with.... "I refuse."

Annoying wine lady, "You refuse?"

"Yes, I don't like being put on the spot and I am not in the mood to have my technique critiqued, if you want me to open the wine I will, but I am sitting right here and doing it the same way I open wine at home."

And she says, "You know, being a waitress means you are always on the spot."

And I say....


It was a horrible exchange and all my coworkers were looking at me with nervous smiles on their faces. I've never responded well to that sort of thing, to being put on the spot. So fuck it.

Anyway. The meeting finally ended and I went to the biggest mall I've ever been to and went to the two stores I needed to go to and then I decided I should probably wander around the mall a little but then I got too overwhelmed about 15 minutes into that project and left the mall. Someday I might go back there, but only because it has two stores I love. Otherwise that mall is just too much. We have a serious problem in this country with our excess. We do not need that much stuff. Ever.

I also bought Eric the very best Christmas present ever yesterday. I had found it about six months ago and decided that once we moved back to Michigan I would get a job asap in order to buy it for him. It's very exciting that I actually did.

That is all.


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