2007-12-17 - 10:30 p.m.

So for three weeks I've been battling my cravings for pizza. Because, for one, I am just one person and I can't eat an entire pizza by myself (and I don't ever eat leftovers, it's a problem I have, leftovers make me gag) and two, fifteen dollars for dinner is kind of stupid when I have a ton of food in the fridge. But, I've really wanted pizza. So finally tonight, after a harrowing, crappy day, I decide I am getting pizza. So I call Pizza H ut (I love their thin and crispy pizza) and no one answers. So I call back. And no one answers. So I say fuck it, I'll give my business to someone else. So I call the pizza place that Eric and I got a good pizza from a month ago. And I order my green pepper, black olive and pineapple pizza and wait impatiently for it to get here. And it does and I throw a piece on a plate and take a bite...and it's awful. The worst pizza I have ever had. The ONLY bad pizza I have ever had.

I am heartbroken.

I did, however, get to put it down the disposal. Putting things in the disposal has been my favorite thing about living in this apartment.

I have a work meeting at 10 am. This is bullshit. People who get paid 2.65 an hour should not have to go to meetings in the morning.

That is all.


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