2007-12-20 - 9:29 a.m.

Eric is coming home today! I am very excited about this. However, I woke up this morning in a panic because I just can't share that bed! It's too small! What am I going to do?? I would go out and buy another, supplemental, bed except that when our stuff gets here from Spain we will already have too many beds. This is very bad. Maybe I can get a futon or something.

Yesterday I went to the mall the finish up my Christmas shopping. In three of the five places I went the cashier had trouble figuring out how to give me change back. My friend Amy tells me this is a visa commercial and that makes me even more sad. That this is so widely common that they make a commercial from it. Anyway, the second incident was, by far, the worst of the three. My total was 13.77 and I gave the girl 14.00 (thank god I didn't give her the 14.02 I was thinking about giving her). For some reason she typed in that I gave her 15.00. And right after she did that she says to me, "Oh! Do you have another dollar?" I looked at her oddly and tell her that I gave her 14 and the bill was 13.77, thinking that would be enough. She says, "I know, but I accidentally rang in that you gave me $15." I stare at her, probably in horror, for a moment and then she says, "oh, I'm so sorry, this is all my fault, I'll put in another dollar," and gets her purse out from under the counter and pulls out a dollar. At this point I consider just letting her do this and then to give her the dollar that I will get back in change. But instead I tell her...obviously..."you don't have to do that, since I have you 14 and the bill was 13.77 you just have to give me the change from that, which would be 23 cents, it doesn't matter what the register tells you to give me back." And she says, "but then my drawer won't balance." So I explain it again and she finally just gives me 23 cents and as I am walking away I see her put her dollar in the register. It was unbelievable. If you are a parent, please, please teach your children how to give change back.

I am getting my hair cut today! I've decided to get it cut every four weeks because my hair always seems to grow really quickly in the weeks after a haircut. And I really want my hair to be long, long, long. I know that my hair isn't growing more quickly after a hair cut and that it is more to do with the fact that after a haircut the ends are so brittle so they don't break as much (therefore adding length). So...every four weeks. This will be dramatically different than my previous schedule of once every year.

I am making cream of chestnut and mushroom soup for dinner tonight! It is going to be nice to have someone else around to cook for. I really miss cooking. I can only make soup in this apartment because the slightest bit of smoke from cooking food sets off the smoke alarms. It's total bullshit.


That is all.


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