2007-12-13 - 5:26 p.m.

Last night I had one of my airplane crash dreams. Except this time I wasn't in the airplane. So that's significant somehow.

I'm still sleeping like total crap lately. The bedroom in this apartment is not very fung-shui-ed. Also, I am sleeping on a queen sized bed with six cats (and next week a husband) and this just doesn't work for us. It is so time to get out of this apartment. Between not getting any sleep, things falling apart in my hands and the mother fucker who plays that shit "music" all day and all night long (last night he came home at about 2 am with his car stereo bumping at top volume)...I'm at my limit. I must have a yard. And a place to walk. Quickly. Oh, and, once we move into our new house (wherever that might be) I can drive down to Fort Wayne and rescue my big, white, squishy bed from storage. Yee-haw!!!!

Yesterday my cat had more teeth taken out. The vet left him with about six teeths I think. I wish he had taken out more. I can't understand why he didn't take out more. I'm going to end up back there in six months to get more of his teeth taken out. But I have to trust this guy, he wrote a book on feline dental stuff. A widely regarded book. I love it when I think I know more than the doctor.

Speaking of....yesterday when I took Oscar in, the vet nurse was going through all the preliminaries with me and I was telling her about Oscar's regimen with his pain meds and insulin and vitamins and so on and so forth and then towards the end of the preliminaries I had mentioned that Oscar would likely need to be re hydrated after the surgery by IV and she said that she could just send me home with the stuff and I was like, uh, I don't know how to get the needle into the vein and she kind of looked at me funny and then said, "aren't you a doctor?"


I still don't know why she thought I was a doctor, maybe there was some patient information crossed or something. But, man, it was surprising how awesome it felt, for a split second, to have someone think I was a doctor. Because she never doubted that I was a doctor, which means that I sound and look smart enough to be one. And that's great. Maybe I should someday put that to use. Eh?

And speaking of doctors, I still need to get to one so I can get my sinus cavity ripped out. This is bullshit. But I can't figure out how to get my health insurance to work. So I am just going to wait until January when Eric starts his new job and the health insurance is tailored for life on this side of the state and shouldn't be so difficult to use. Hang in there face.

That is all.


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