2007-12-11 - 11:52 p.m.

I just bought a tiny (live) Christmas tree. But I'm not going to decorate him yet because in a week or so MY HUSBAND WILL FINALLY BE HERE. And he bought a whole bunch of ornaments at various German Christmas markets in the last few weeks.

The vet called a little while ago and they had a cancellation tomorrow. Which means that at this time tomorrow it is likely that my cat will not have any teeth. Sigh.

Also, concerning the cat. I got mad at a message board group I belong to last night and ended up staying awake most of the night writing draft after draft of a "you are stupid" letter to them. I never could get it to sound better than, "you are stupid" so I just let it go. But man, I am so mad at those people. They are exactly the kind of people that make this world a really stupid and bad place to be.

I have to clean the house now. And make soup.

That is all.

Thanks for shopping.


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