2007-12-07 - 5:43 a.m.

Whoo Hooo! I made real money tonight! I totally need to think of something special to do with a portion of it. Like, thirty dollars of it...something special and significant. Ideas? I don't want to get my nails done (ick) or hair cut or anything like that. And Eric sent me a gift certificate for a massage for my birthday. (anyway, $30 wouldn't cover it) I can't believe I can't think of anything significant and cool. Maybe I'll buy a bag of Jamaica Blue Mountain. Or something.

Anyway. I was dreading going to work this evening. I was dreading it so much that I got teary eyed. Not because I was nervous or anything like that, but because I just really hate working and after not working for three years, this is a big adjustment. Seriously, I didn't feel like I had recovered from my last job even though I had more than a thousand days away from it. So, it's difficult to go back to this. But it was good, went fast and I barely thought about the fact that I was at work. I had nice customers and no one was snooty or stupid and my coworkers were all extremely easy to work with and it was.....okay. Plus, I am still having to try wines after my shift and I tried two really, really, really good reds tonight. From California. And I was surprised about that. And oh...I am so tired.

And my doorknob fell off in my hand as I was leaving for work this evening. This is after the blinds fell down on my head yesterday and the window wouldn't close all the way and I had to have a maintenance guy come here to fix it. And we are paying $2000 a month to live here. HAHAHAHA. I need to go into the corporate apartment business. What a bunch of shit. Also, the vegetable peeler broke on my first day here. I need to find a house before Eric and I have to pay a third months rent (this time it will be out of our pocket not out of the company's pocket as it is now) here because if I have to pay $2000 of my own money to live in a place where the doorknob falls off and the blinds fall and the windows don't close....well, that would be bullshit.

I am so tired.

Good night.


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