2007-12-06 - 3:33 a.m.

Agk. This is all frustrating. Today I found a house that is a perfect fit for Eric and me. It doesn't cost $200,000 and yet it has TWO bathrooms, a big yard (that is already totally fenced in which is something we were planning to do immediately with any house we buy), it's walking distance to the town (the town which kind of lacks cool restaurants but does have a farmers market in the summer and a year round vegetable market) and, the house is in great shape. Nothing needs to be done. At all. (except to change some of their colors from grey to Whisper)

And yet...I will now have to sit impatiently for the next two weeks, having panic attacks that someone else will put an offer on it. Because Eric is still in Germany and he's never even been to the town where I found this house. So that totally sucks. I am pretty sure the house will be sold to someone else within the next week. Because that is just how things are going.

I have to say that I am extremely excited about this town though. Because it is not so very far away from Ann Arbor and yet, it's rather country. And there is an awesome downtown area to it and their Christmas decorations are adorable which is an important aspect. (Remember how I couldn't even drive through Vicksburg during the Christmas season because their decorations were so awful that it made me crazy?) What I am most excited about though is that I have found, with no question in my mind, the perfect spot for my vegetarian restaurant. I can't believe how perfect and ready that town is for it. I need to get moving on it. And that, my friends, is another reason why I am suddenly NOT looking at the $200,000 houses. I'm gonna need a lot of money in the next couple years to get this restaurant going.

I wish Eric would come back. I wish Eric would come back. I wish Eric would come back. I wish Eric would come back. I need to get this done. Now.



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