2007-09-23 - 3:24 a.m.

I've been waking up past noon lately. Why? Because I've somehow gotten caught up in the worst possible schedule of life that there can be.

Here is an example.

I wake at 12:30. VERY TIRED STILL.
I go downstairs and turn the coffee maker on. Then I open the door for the cats to get out and I fall asleep on the couch until I hear the last gurgle of the brewing cycle. Then I prepare my cup of coffee and stumble back upstairs to look at things on the Internet. As soon as I am awake enough to think about, I test Oscar's sugar and give him an appropriate insulin shot. Then I look at the Internet some more.

1:45...I am so tired that I just want to get my chores done so that I can go back to bed. So I set about doing chores.

4:25...My working out TV show starts in five minutes and I know I will feel awful if I don't exercise so I put my shoes on and prepare the room for exercise.

4:30...I work out.

6:00...I feel way more energized and motivated and I take a shower with good intentions for productivity in the evening.

7:00...I am getting bored with being productive and am thinking about nothing but dinner.

7:30....start preparing dinner and gathering cats for the night.

8:30...eating dinner in front of the TV.

9:30....bored with TV but not wanting to do anything else.

10:30...wash dishes and get annoyed because I got my clean pajamas all wet.

11:00...back to the computer...looking up science things and wishing I had become a scientist.

11:30...less tired than I was all day.

12:00 midnight...make tea.

12:07am...test Oscar's sugar again and give him the appropriate insulin shot.

12:30...thinking about how awesome it would be if I had boxes in which to pack some stuff. But I don't have boxes because the moving company won't give us boxes until we set a date. And we can't set a date right now.

12:31...spend an hour making lists of things that we need to get done so that we can set a moving date.

1:31...make more tea.

2:00...clean kitchen so I will have less to do tomorrow because surely I will be tired tomorrow since I am not sleeping right now.

3:00...back to the internet with a beer in the hopes that I will get tired. Why am I not tired? I was tired for most of the stupid day. Why am I not tired when it's time for sleeping.

4:00...talking with my ex best friend on AIM.

4:37...feeling slightly tired but mostly just wanting another beer.

6:00...fall asleep. pukes up a hairball.

7:30...fall back asleep. decides he wants to go outside and meows at my ear to tell me about it. finally shuts up.

8:50...fall asleep again.

11:30...Husband calls and wakes you up. door for cats, turn coffee maker on, fall asleep on couch while coffee is brewing, vow to get all your chores done quickly so you can go to sleep early. Repeat.

I am very tired.

But I cannot sleep.


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