2007-08-02 - 5:26 p.m.


We've been finding a lot of bats in the house lately. I thought this was just because we had left the door open while we had guests. But then...I found a bat today and I am alone, Eric is in Germany, and I had to catch him and take him the roof. The bat is very much alive and so that means he hasn't been in the house for too long. Which means that the door/guests theory had nothing to do with why the bats were coming in the house. Which also means that it is likely that we will continue to find bats in the house.

Bats are extremely cute when you really look at them and when they do their little chirp, yelling thing I almost melt. But I still can't get past the whole bat wings thing. Bat wings ARE NOT cute. I am simply terrified of bats. Which makes it quite difficult to catch one and take it to the roof. But I've done it twice now. And I am proud of myself. I didn't even screech once.

My cats are getting very good at telling me there is a bat around. I suspected the bat long before I found him today because Fishy was running back and forth across the house and Oscar was meowing like crazy. My cats do not like bats. They are scared of them too. It's kind of funny.

Anyway. Bat is safe on the roof now and I really, really hope this is the last one we will have to extract.

(the bats are another reason I am sad to leave here. I know that the next people that live in this house are going to exterminate not just the bats...but also all the beautiful spiders living outside and also my palm tree rats. This is why I need a permanent home...because I don't like giving haven to creatures and then leaving them knowing that someone is going to kill them. It really sucks. If I could figure out a way to chase all these creatures away before we left, I would, but I can't so I just have to sit here knowing that they are all going to be poisoned or squashed. I hate this world.)


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