2007-08-06 - 2:04 p.m.

The plant where Eric works closes for two weeks every August. Which means that Eric is basically on vacation (except that he's still walking around with the stupid cell phone glued to his ear and he is, right now, logged into his work e-mail and conducting business as though this were a regular work day except that he is wearing shorts and has a swimming pool at his disposal.). Anyway...we weren't looking at a very exciting vacation this year because funds are limited and we need every cent we can find in preparation for moving back to Michigan. (we need a house and cars) But we are somehow pulling together a rather exciting vacation schedule on a budget and this is one of the many reasons it is so awesome to live in Europe. One can arrange for a night in Provence without having to buy a trans-Atlantic plane ticket. So thus far this is what we have arranged.

Thursday night we are going to see Flamenco in Sitges. We bought third row tickets with points we've accumulated over the past three years from our bank.

I am tentatively planning a picnic in Montserrat for the 13th and for sure on the 14th we are going to an Argentinian ballet (again in Sitges). THEN...on the 16th we are going to Provence to stay in a little auberge in a cliff-side village. We are mostly going just for dinner. Because we like eating dinner in France. We will then, on the 17th, begin driving back home and will stop another Provencal town, probably Avignon, and explore and buy wine and stuff like that. Then home. Then Eric goes back to work and then that weekend of the 25th he has some guests coming which will be perfect timing because it is the festa major for Sitges and that is a huge huge huge party and Eric will have willing people to accompany him and I can go home at midnight as I like to do. YAY!!

So there...our August isn't going to be so awful. Europeans think you are really strange if you don't spend all, or most, of August on holiday. We're fitting in just in time to leave.


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