2006-10-17 - 1:11 p.m.

In about twenty minutes I will be making my triumphant return to the gym. I CAN NOT believe that that fucking crap with a urinary tract infection ate up a month of life. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Anyway...the last time I went to the gym was September 20th. September 23rd was the day I got sick. October 6th was the day I could finally pee again. That left me with two full days before I was hit with the monthly cramps from hell...and FUCK. This has NOT been a good month. However...I did get a lot of couch time. And, since we now have a working washer and dryer...I was able to wash my favorite sweatpants almost every day and so I had couch time in my favorite sweatpants. And that was real nice.

And real pathetic.

So the gym today and hopefully that will get me moving again. It's so hard, after a certain amount of time, to start functioning again. I am seriously just one tiny little thread away from becoming one of those people who absolutely cannot leave the house.

Which is probably another reason why it would be a good thing to move back to the United States. I would have to get a job then and I think having a job (even though I don't want one) keeps me a little more sane than not having one. (Sane but not less stressed...I can't decide which is better? Stressless or bonkers?)

Oh oh o h oh oh oh and oh.

Maybe next week I will go to Germany with Eric on one of his business trips. It would be incredibly dumb not to go (because being a business trip the hotel and rental car would be paid for and we found a plane ticket for 60 euros) I will have to go unless of course we are unable to find a way to get Joe to the airport for his departure. If I go he will be here alone for a few days and no one will be here to take him to the airport. So that's a problem.

Speaking of Joe...he's an incredibly lovely guest.


I like Joe.

Gym now.


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